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Since the launch of the EPC (Order Consolidation Project) in the US in May last year, the EPC route has been gradually opened in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. The opening of these routes will further bring logistics to the sellers. Convenience and logistics cost savings.

On the 9th, good news came out: From 10:00 on July 18, 2019, Beijing time, the EPC project will add an Italian test road!

The details are as follows:


The sellers who want to merge orders with Italian routes are aware that this change will affect orders placed after 10:00 am (Beijing time) on July 18, 2019; orders placed before this time will not be affected. Orders for Italian roads that are currently participating in the EPC service and are valid for the product will be merged after 10:00 am (Beijing time) on July 18, 2019. Merchants must use the Wish EPC logistics channel to fulfill these combined orders.

The Italian road to the test period logistics price tentatively as follows:

The price of the whole goods can be traced throughout:

Weight section (g) item fee (RMB)fee per kg (RMB)0-304.-801..9480-3105..-..3

The whole price can be tracked (adding 1 yuan processing fee):

Weight section (g) item fee (RMB)fee per kg (RMB)0-305.-802..9480-3106..-..3

Shipping trial:

The entire tariff can be tracked:

xx如果一般包裹的重量为10g,如果包裹重量为50g,EPC运费=4.45元,EPC运费=97.94 * 0.05 + 1.5121=6.41元如果包裹重量为100g,EPC运费=50.24 * 0.1 + 5.3228=10.35人民币包装重量500克,EPC运费=51.3 * 0.5 + 21.375=47.03元


如果特殊包裹重量为10g,如果特殊包裹重量为50g,EPC运费=5.45元,EPC运费=97.94 * 0.05 + 2.5121=7.41元如果包裹重量为100g,EPC运费=50.24 * 0.1 + 6.3228=11.35元包装重量500克,EPC运费=51.3 * 0.5 + 22.375=48.03元

所有EPC合并订单均受Wish 款和协议以及EPC服务政策的约束。如果商家根据EPC服务要求和政策无法履行某些EPC合并订单,商家可以通过商家后台的“拆解”功能从合并中取消这些订单,并可以根据以下方式直接交付货物。客户地址。在这种情况下,订单将要求使用Wish批准的贸易批准的物流服务提供商来履行订单。